Sanyo Seira Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Product Line

Stud bolts and cap nuts Trapezoidal screw shafts and bearing nuts Hydraulic circuit selector valves Machine parts for construction equipment Idler links Hook assemblies Bearing housings screw

Our Strength

Our integrated production system ensures high quality and timely delivery at low cost!

Equipped with state-of-the-art machines, we can do virtually any kind of machining. We also have painting facilities. We can deliver finished products with coating and painting as required. With our integrated production system, we endeavor to be competitive in price and flexible in delivery timing.


We can provide SS, SC, SMC, stainless steel, etc. 


We can cut up to φ460 or □550×460

Rough Processing before Heat Treatment

We do roughing processing as appropriate.

Heat Treatment

We apply heat treating depending on materials to enhance strength. * * To order

NC Lathe Machining

We can cope with up to φ685x4000L (swing and center distance)

Overlay Welding

We are capable of providing a Stellite overlay in powder plasma transferred arc welding (PTA).

Thread Rolling

We can process M3~M185.

Processing by Machining Center

We can handle up to 3000 x 800 x 720 (X, Y and Z axis respectively).


Cylindrical grinding up to φ450x3000,
Vertical grinding up to φ1200x500 can be processed.


We can do both undercoating and finish coating.

Packing Size

We are flexible in packing size.

Delivery Trucks

We have a 13-ton truck, a 11-ton truck, a 4-ton truck and a 3-ton truck for delivery of our products.